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Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know about Founders’ Ridge

What is the monthly Homeowners fee and what does it cover? Our low Monthly fee covers all lawn care, snow removal , trach pick-up and most importantly, insurance on the exterior of the home (including the roofs, decks or patios, siding and windows).

How many homes are planned? There are 22 Units in Phase I – which extends to the parking area to the North. Phase II – 20 acres to the West have an additional approved Units for up to a total of 84 units. The road is extended up the hill with 200-300 feet of treed area between the two Phases.

What is the proposed “Shared Amenity Package” with the adjacent Ascentria Corp’s Luther Ridge? We will be extending the sidewalk from the gazebo in front of Unit 1 with trails, sidewalks and walkways around the adjacent property for an approx. one half mile of walking for both communities. Residents of Founders’ Ridge can also have use of the meeting rooms, game rooms (with pool tables and card tables), exercise classes and a chapel at Luther Ridge. For a small fee (presently $8.00) our residents can eat in the Luther Ridge dining room – with 24 hour notice (based upon availability).

Can I modify the floor plans? To a degree the plans can be modified somewhat. We can make changes to the interior space as long as the stairs stay in the same location. The most commonly requested changes are making the dining room into a small office/den, having no dining room just an open floor plan front to back or modifying the bedroom sizes to create two more equal size rooms. The roof line can also be modified on certain homes.

Can I have a garden? Yes – there is a 15 foot area to the rear of each home that can be “customized” somewhat. Gardens, grills, larger patios and with board approval – even Hot tubs may be allowed. Also, 4 feet from each side of the home and at the front can be customized with plantings, etc. Door wreaths (hung with a wreath hanger) and small flags are allowed. Any customized area must be maintained by the homeowner.

Do all homes have decks or patios?  Yes– All homes have 8 x 10 decks with vinyl rails or 8 x 8 patios, both of which can be expanded (decks and patios can be enlarged somewhat as an option).

What happens to the road in a snowstorm?  Snow removal is done in a timely manner.  There may be a gate by our guest parking lot and the access road to the Luther Ridge may be opened in the event of an emergency.

Who can be a resident?  Three persons over 21 may live in each unit – one must be over 55.  A full time student under 21 in a university may live here over holiday breaks – up to 60 days at a time. Guests may stay up to three weeks.

Are pets allowed? Up to two dogs (“of gentle disposition”) or 2 indoor cats are allowed. Special rules apply to “curbing” of pets.                                                                                                                                  1/28/21 FR